"Ahgha", sculpture by Fabrice Langlade, 2006

Epoxy sculpture by Fabrice Langlade, unique piece made in 2006.

Diameter: 200 cm
Height: 180cm

Fabrice Langlade was born in 1964 in Reims. This sculptor works on both walls and floors, and uses materials that reveal the sensuality of living things.

Fabrice Langlade imagined a play area or trompe-l'oeil: he has reconstituted a garden where people, animals and flowers walk.

These sculptures, identical on both sides and inverted, are taken from popular and inexpensive figurines and all together form a white, soulless world like the Olympia in Hoffmann's Tales. “These gardens are specific places of fantasy, the creations of the given reality being transported into a world of limitless representations. These curious gardens can be interpreted as a place of memories, as the location of any event, as spaces for the unexpected genesis of never-before-seen, yet familiar creatures, ”writes Lóránd Hegyi.

Fabrice Langlade " has the violence of the pure, he knows the means to radicalize his work by letting the idea alone take shape in an apparent body, or in an installation that charms and worries. " This sculpture has been exhibited on several occasions, first at Jean-Gabriel Miterrand's, then at the modern art museum of Saint Etienne, in Paris at the Mont de Piété as part of the “Nuits Blanches”, place Furstemberg, at Deyrolles , at the Frey gallery in Salzburg, etc ...

On the occasion of the exhibition at the JGM Gallery, Communic’Art created and edited a catalog comprising the works exhibited as well as a text by Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand and Lóránd Hegyi, director of the Saint-Etienne Métropole Museum.